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“Latin American passion in your wallet”


Forastero presents a collection of handmade wallets, featuring designs by Latin American visual artists. Each wallet is an object of practical art—a portable art gallery, if you will—exhibited every time you take your wallet out of your pocket! All our products contain recycled materials.

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"Where there is art, there is love"


Our collaborators are established and emerging Latin American visual artists, eager to show their art to the world. Click here to find out more about them.

The project

A “Forastero” is someone who comes from another place and who seems to somehow stand apart from his new surroundings. He is ready to take risks in order to discover all of the new things that appear before him. Although he finds himself emersed in new places and projects, he is always free to move on to a new journey. A migratory bird can travel long distances and its trips are often seasonal, but the forastero, on the other hand, will often adapt himself to the environment he finds himself in. Both concepts come together in this Project, which migrated from Santiago de Chile to Berlin, to present the work of visual artists from beautiful Latin America.

Portable Gallery

We transform wallets into portable pieces of art that can be exhibited every day.


We put the projects and activities of our collaborating artists on an international platform.

Hand made

Our products are lovingly handmade by our founder.


Protection of the Environment is a serious concern for us. That’s why we include recycled materials in our products.

Fair Collaborations

We assume the responsability of giving all our collaborators fair payment and working conditions.

Urban interventions

We want to wallpaper the face of the Earth with Latin American art, generating projects in various cities throughout the world.

Would you like to be part of our community of collaborating artists?

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At Forastero we are always open to new possibilities

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Would you like to sell our wallets in your shop? Maybe you're a visual artist and you'd like to collaborate with us? Or you'd just like to tell us what you think of our products? You can contact us using this form or write to us at hola@forastero.org We're looking forward to receiving your message!

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